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Dear Friend,

I am an "average guy."

In most ways, I am very lucky and have no complaints.

But, until I was almost forty years old, my sex life was a true source of frustration.

As a younger man, I thought that sex would be an exciting, intense and "spiritual" event; an activity that would bring a couple closer, physically, emotionally and spiritually

This was not my reality.

I struggled to perform sexually.

My wife had never had an orgasm during intercourse

Although, she was always "willing" to participate, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was only doing it for me - she was not truly that interested in sex.

So, after almost thirteen years of marriage, at the age of 39, I finally decided to do something about my frustration. I spent an entire year learning how to make my sex life everything that I had ever hoped it would be.

I was determined to learn how to make my (and my wife's) sexual experiences longer, more intense and more fulfilling.

I started to collect and devour everything and anything I could find on the topic of Sexology.

Did you know that Mandrake was the earliest aphrodisiac? Or, that it was first mentioned by Aristotle?

Did you know that sexual performance technique references can be found in Near Eastern documents dating back to the second millennium B.C.?

The bookshelves of my home office were lined with books, manuals and medical journals.

All of these were practically unreadable because of my notes, underlines and highlights.

Over the course of that year, my wife and I tried every technique, product and device that looked like it had the potential to increase our pleasure.

All of the best, most effective techniques and secrets were compiled into several binders that I hid deep in the back of my desk drawer.

So overcome with pleasure...
she cried.

For the first time in almost thirteen years, my wife had an orgasm during intercourse. She was so overcome with pleasure and joy that she, literally, cried! She told me that she had never imagined that pleasure could be so... overwhelming.

My journey led me, finally, to a married sex life that is beyond any expectation that I may have had. Now, I am sharing what I learned so...

You too can experience sex with your wife that is an intense, frequent and spiritual event...including orgasms (for both of you) that are so overwhelming that you will be that you will be amazed that such pleasure exists in this world.

And, best of all...

You Can Read This Powerful Book In The Privacy of Your Own Home!

You can learn the tips, techniques and secrets to...

Create the environment and circumstances within your marriage that will allow you to finally experience the most intense, fulfilling and marriage-building sex ever. Pleasure so overwhelming that your wife will want sex as often as you do!

Enjoy hours-long lovemaking sessions.

Both you and your wife will be capable of multiple (and simultaneous) orgasms in a single evening.

You will be capable of maintaining a single erection, literally, indefinitely.

You will be capable of having multiple erections and orgasms within a very short period of time.

Utilize great sex to improve the communication and "fun level" in your marriage.

This book is called The Sexual Mastery System. It is based upon the solid foundation of all of the latest research and scientific studies in the areas of sexual performance and pleasure. I have consulted with the experts in these fields and have received rave reviews for its powerful, yet simple, secrets. Recently, I was asked to discuss its secrets on the Discovery Health Channel's show, "Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew." This powerful little E-Book has been recommended by both Christian and non-Christian relationship experts. Click Here For A Partial List Of Recommendations.

For the first time, men have the opportunity to experience you always dreamed it should be.

Now you can satisfy your  desire to better please your wife and yourself, sexually...

Realize The Powerful, Spiritual, Life
And Love Affirming Benefits Of Sex!

More reasons why this book is exactly what you have been looking for...

What you need to know if you are struggling in an, essentially, sexless marriage.

The secrets to making your wife desire sex more frequently.

The "male G Spot" - how to find and utilize this little-known pleasure trigger to create mind-blowing pleasure for yourself.

How to make your erections longer, harder and more pleasurable.

How to become a multi-orgasmic male.(We recommend you to train with the best pocket pussy toys on the market in order to achieve that)

A type of orgasm that many men say is...

Than any past sexual experience...

...but which most men didn't even know existed, let alone tried! And, it is the sexually skilled man's secret weapon for instantly increasing his sexual stamina and ability to keep up, sexually with his wife.

Yes, there are several "scientifically proven" methods for increasing the length and hardness of your erections. They do not involve prescriptions or devices. You will learn exactly, step-by-step, what these methods are - and how to see their benefits, immediately.

You will learn about the "sex muscle" that you absolutely MUST develop to become sexually proficient. Although you can't work on this muscle in the gym, you will learn three exercises that will, literally, change your sex life overnight.

You will learn the real secrets to avoiding premature ejaculation and coming too soon, in general. Unlike, most "experts," I will give you only the techniques and exercises that will allow you to prolong your sexual duration, without limiting your sexual pleasure.

You will gain the ability to have deeper, longer and more intense...

A Guaranteed Step-by-Step Game Plan to Experience
Deeper and More Intense
Sexual Pleasure and Fulfillment...Excitement...
And Sexual Interest From Your Wife!

You cannot buy this e-book, The Sexual
Mastery System
in any bookstore!

You can only buy this book here for $37.00. To get yours, click here. Your copy will be downloaded to your computer immediately.

If you are not thrilled with the results, we will refund 100% of your investment.

Plus, you will also learn...

How to make your wife so interested and excited about sex that she is the one that initiates sex - these are psychological "triggers" that even she doesn't know exist!

The number one sexual activity that women say that they desire to experience...more than any other!

The two things you MUST do to create a desire in your wife for NEW and DIFFERENT sexual activities and variations. And, the one thing you SHOULD NEVER do when communicating your desire to try "something new."

How better (and more frequent) sex can improve the odds that your marriage will last forever. Did you realize that the divorce rate is almost 60%? The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers presented a study of the major reasons for the failure of marriages. They ranked "failed expectations or unmet needs" as one of the most important causes of divorce. You will now have the tools to ensure...

don't go unmet... for one minute more......

...You will be able to know and sense your Wife's emotional and sexual expectations (sometimes more clearly than she does), as well as techniques for communicating your expectations. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to "just know" what it is that she wants and needs, sexually?

How exciting will it be when you know exactly how to communicate all of your needs and desires to her in a way that is both positive and attractive to her... ensuring that she is more interested in sex, more often?

You don't need Pills, Pumps or Counseling...
Within 90 Minutes, You Will Learn...

How to maintain your erections for as long as you desire  - No matter how hot or exciting the situation (or position) you might be in, you can be in complete control of the exact moment of your climaxes. This ability will give you tremendous sexual confidence. Imagine what it will be like to never again have to apologize for not lasting long enough to completely satisfy your wife.

When you have a clear understanding of the most recent scientific and clinical facts regarding your erection and orgasm processes, you will be able to maintain an erection for as long as you desire. Within a few days, you will master the exercises that allow you to achieve this enviable capability. How much more confident will you be when you are in absolute control of the duration of your erections?

How to become a multi-orgasmic male - Can you imagine your wife's delight, when you are able to keep up with her...climax for climax? Do you remember how wonderful it was, when you were young, to be capable of multiple orgasms in a very short period of time? You will regain this pleasurable and exciting ability. Although this ability is generally accepted in women, very few men have mastered the physical and mental skills necessary to be a multi-orgasmic man.

Why should women have all the fun?

What does it mean to be a multi-orgasmic male? Clinically, it is the ability to have two or more orgasms, in rapid succession, without the need for an extended rest (refractory) period between orgasms. You will be able to minimize the length of your refractory periods; with practice, you will be capable of achieving between three and six full-ejaculatory orgasms, within several hours...(click here to see exactly what we have in mmind.)

Physically (and scientifically), there is no reason that you can't experience many orgasms in a very short period of time.
It is simply a matter of conditioning.

How to increase the intensity and duration of your orgasms - Imagine how wonderful it will be to have absolute control of your climaxes and the ability to have multiple orgasms in a very short period of time?
It is one of the most powerful pleasures available to mankind. Although, in most men, their orgasms last no more than 20 seconds! With practice and patience, you will learn how to extend the duration of your orgasms.

 How to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms  - This skill really is the "best of all worlds." Did you know it was possible to orgasm without ejaculating? Orgasm and ejaculation are actually separate physical events.
You will learn the exact techniques and exercises that will allow you to separate these events when you desire. Why would you want to do this?

Some men consider it a new,
level of sex...

...Men that are familiar with these amazingly pleasurable experiences describe them as more intense than ordinary (ejaculatory) orgasms. More importantly, achieving non-ejaculatory orgasms will allow you to have multiple, consecutive orgasms...with NO loss of erection! Doesn't this seem like something you worth trying?

How to be an expert at oral sex - Almost universally, women love to receive oral gratification and they strongly appreciate a man that can bring her to intense climaxes in this way. Men that know the oral tips, tricks and techniques to bringing their wife to intense climaxes are very much appreciated! You will learn the best and most effective ways to orally pleasure her and she will be that much more excited about sex. 

How to discover your wife's deepest sexual needs and desires - You will learn powerful communication techniques that will give you intimate knowledge of her most secret fantasies and desires.
With this knowledge, you can open the "floodgates" of her deepest, most primal sexual desires. You will have the ability to...

... instantly put her "in the mood" for the hottest
and most intense types of sexual experimentation.

How to find and stimulate your wife's G Spot - Yes, it is real. And, yes, she has one! You will learn how to locate and stimulate her G-Spot in ways that will make her virtually powerless to her sexual passions. You will be able to help her to experience a completely different type of orgasm. You will have the exact step-by-step techniques to give her the deepest, most intense pleasure that she has ever experienced.

Increase Your Attractiveness to Your Wife!

Here's more of what you will find in your The Sexual Mastery System:

Discover and explore the benefits of the female ejaculatory orgasm - No, it is not an "urban legend." It is a very real and scientifically-proven reality! Now you can give her the sexual gift she deserves and desires.

I am sure that you are interested in giving her the very best of everything. And, sexually, there is no better gift than helping her to discover and explore this amazing type of pleasure! Women describe ejaculatory orgasms as...

than a "normal" orgasm...

...Female ejaculatory orgasms feel as if they originate from an area deeper within her body.

You will help her to experience almost overwhelming waves of pleasure that vibrate throughout her entire body. Once you have introduced her to this new (and very pleasurable) sensation, you should expect that she will initiate love making much more often.

Medical journals document that only a small percentage of women report experiencing this type of orgasm. But, you will be able to give her this type of pleasure whenever you desire.

  You will learn to avoid the five fundamental mistakes of female stimulation...

...Are you making one (or more) of these mistakes?

Most females are capable of achieving multiple orgasms during a lovemaking session. If your woman is not experiencing this type of pleasure with you, you may be making one (or more) of these mistakes. But, you never have to make one of these mistakes again! Avoiding these fundamental mistakes will reduce your frustration, increase your sexual confidence and give you the ability to easily, and consistently, bring your wife to orgasm after orgasm

You will learn all about The Perfect Sex Position that guarantees that you and your wife experience simultaneous orgasms - the scientifically designed and proven "best" position for providing her with the greatest pleasure during intercourse. This position is particularly effective at increasing the possibility for couples to achieve simultaneous orgasms during intercourse.

And, that is just a small part of what will be possible for you.

Sexual Mastery was written from my personal experiences, but it is based upon a solid foundation of all of the latest research and scientific studies in the areas of sexual performance and pleasure.

I have consulted with the experts in these fields and have received rave reviews for its powerful, yet simple, secrets.


 Here is Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to try Sexual Mastery for 90 Days. If you don't get the results I promised or for ANY OTHER REASON, you just want your money back... just ask and I'll refund your money with no questions asked.

My  journey of sexual exploration improved my sex life and marriage more than I could have dreamed.

And, within just a few moments, you can also begin your journey to sexual skill and confidence. When you decide to try this book, you will immediately be directed to an e-book version that you can download and view on your computer...within 3 minutes...even if it is 2AM in the morning!

Plus, if you order today...

I will also include the following free bonuses:

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Bonus E-Book: 101 Romantic Ideas

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Who is Robert Irwin? 

  • Robert Irwin is the founder and Executive Director of the Sexual Performance Institute.

  • His E-Book, The Sexual Mastery System´┐Ż has been one if the world's best-selling E-Books for over nine years.

  • Thousands of men and women, across the globe, have benefited from his counseling, seminars and E-Books.

  • Robert Irwin has been asked to appear as a Sexual Expert on radio, television (The Discovery Channel) and has been seen in many magazine (Men's Health) and newspaper (The Pittsburgh Post Gazette) articles.

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