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"...After nearly 13 years of bad marital sex, Robert Irwin learned how to bring his wife to orgasm. Now he’s sharing his knowledge with men everywhere, even addressing... anal sex, oral sex and how to find the “male G-spot.”


"Highly recommended..."

I recently stumbled upon Robert Irwin's site and was intrigued enough to request a copy of his system.

Most stuff I am sent on this topic is garbage.

Either it is vulgar and unhealthy or it is very lightweight.

He addresses the performance issues many men face and delves deeply into ways that men can increase the satisfaction for their wives as well as themselves.

I was so impressed that I have included his system in the Lovemaking Resources section of my site.

Highly recommended!

Michael Webb
Relationship Expert, Author, Speaker

(A #1 Best-selling author and Relationship Expert, Michael Webb has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows including Oprah, Men are From Mars Women are From Venus, NBC News, The 700 Club, The Other Half, and FOX News.)



"...we are discovering a deep connection through sex..."

Hey Robert,

Your interview will be published in a book I am writing called What You Didn’t Learn From Your Parents About Sex—A Guide To A Touchy Subject. It will appear in the section called What You Need To Know About Sex Before You Get Married...

...Also, thank you for writing such a frank book about sex. I’ve only been married for a little more than a year and your book has truly helped me see me and my wife’s sex life as a journey. Slowly but surely, we are discovering a deep connection through sex. And your wisdom and research has certainly been a part of that growth process.

Did you see your mention in Details magazine last month? I thought that was awesome. (I may have mentioned that you before.) I think you should be on Oprah. If you need a cheerleader, let me know.

Matthew Paul Turner
Author, Speaker


"Thanks for being real and honest...."

I downloaded your book and found it truly successful. I began the exercises and just the basic advice given when making love to my wife.

She was skeptical at first until after the first night and then she couldn't wait to get the kids to bed the next night. I got them settled in and when I came back to bed she was wearing a skimpy teddy that I hadn't seen in months.

Needless to say, after just reading a couple of chapters, my wife and I can't wait for me to finish the book and put into practice all of it. She said, while in tears, "I feel like we are one and closer than ever before. This is what I dreamed marriage would be."

Now to the problem. The hard drive on my home computer received a virus and failed... Please allow me to download the book again... I must read the rest and apply it.

Thanks for being real and honest.

Steven Dentice
Age 44
Facilities Manager
Sherwood, AR


" are backing your guarantee so swiftly speaks well of you..."

Dear Robert Irwin and staff:

I am only requesting a refund of the $12, not the full $49. I'm not sure if I was misunderstood or if it is your policy to refund the full amount.

I appreciate your speed in this matter. It is impressive that you are backing your guarantee so swiftly. It speaks well of you.

Sondra Halliwell
Age 43
San Francisco, CA


"...I have already found myself ... treating my wife with more tenderness and care."

"...Thank you so much for the system and the word of encouragement.

I began to read it immediately and am making a commitment to work at it.

I have already checked out the other site and appreciate your telling me about it.

I have already found myself quoting your system in my mind (NOT out loud) and treating my wife with more tenderness and care.

Thank you again for your encouragement and the system you have no idea how much this means to me.

I was NOT suggesting or expecting such a generous thoughtful reply. I trust your generosity will be rewarded by a prosperous year."

Brian Jenson
Technical Writer
Age 48
Philadelphia, PA



"...she has climaxed during intercourse every time"

"...The 'perfect sex position' really is perfect!
Well, at least my batting average is perfect since starting to use it...

Before, Ann never climaxed during intercourse. I thought that there was something wrong with her or me. In the past month, she has climaxed during intercourse (at least once!) every time.

This is what I always thought sex was supposed to be."

Mel Kaffrey
Construction Supervisor
Age 45
New York, N.Y.


"It's a manual that should be taken very seriously..."

I bought your book a couple of days ago. I have never had problems with giving my wife an orgasm in bed but you always wonder if that was it or if there is better sex...

There are things that are in your book that really took me
by surprise...

I know that I need to change a lot of how I handle sex. But even in changing my attitude with my wife and making it fun has created more of a desire for intimacy...

This is not only a book that men should read but its a manual that should be taken very seriously and should be given out or bought for young couples that are just getting or just got married...

X-Ray Technician
Age 37
Miami, FL


"...This book has helped in so many ways..."

"Firstly, I would just like to say what an AMAZING book you have written - my husband and I have read it together and taken in it's points. We are working together to
make our sex lives better and this book is incredible

- I cannot thank you enough, and I agree with you that I found this website with the help of God. Both my husband
and I are indebted to you!

We have always had a solid marriage of 21 years, but it is always nice to improve our sex lives together!

This book has helped in so many other areas of our sex lives that I know that multiple orgasms are a definite possibility soon.

Once again, thank you for your brilliant book!!!!"

Catherine Cerzone
Age 43
North Versailles, PA


"...her orgasms are completely different, deeper and more satisfying"

"...Thirty two years old and I hadn't really ever found a 'G Spot.'

Now I could find it with my hands tied behind my back...and we may try that soon!

Until I tried your system, I was convinced that all female orgasms were basically a clitoris thing. So did my Wife...until now.

She told me that the orgasms I've been giving her lately (using your G Spot stimulation techniques), are really different and more intense"

Jeff Ailes
Age 47
Houston, TX


" is like a miracle..."

Hi Robert

I just want to thank you very much for your e-book. It has literally made a huge difference to our sexual enjoyment, and to me, it is like a miracle.

I was just scrolling through some sites on the web when I happened to notice your advert. It came at a time recently when we were having marriage counseling and one of the big issues was the fact that i had lost interest in sex...
...When I read your advert I thought 'this is meant for me' and it must have been a God given gift. I am approaching 60 and really thought I would not experience sexual desire again...

...I tried the exercises again and related the muscles to the ones that experience arousal during sex...

...Well, all I can say is I have found pleasure related nerve endings that I never knew I had and sex is now a real pleasure...

...So I thank you both for your inspired book and the help you have given me (and Paul)...

Best regards

Age 58
Sedona, AZ


"...3 orgasms in less than an hour..."

"...I was absolutely sure that all of that multi-orgasmic male stuff in your letter was exaggerated..

But, I had to tell you that, last night, I had 3 orgasms in less than an hour! My wife asked me if I was using Viagra. I was as amazed as she was."

Steve Neff
Age 39
Phoenix, AZ


"...she loves to make me orgasm over and over..."

"...I don't try the non-ejaculatory orgasm stuff all the time, they are too intense. But, now that we have learned how to do them, she loves to make me orgasm over and over. It's like she has a new toy."

Rob Franks
Computer Technician
Age 27
Anson, TX.


"...brought her to climax, orally, very quickly..."

"...In the past, it sometimes took a real long time to make her orgasm. Now that I know what to do, orally, I have brought her to climax very quickly, many times..."

Steve Franz
Age 34
Orlando, FL


" excited, she almost cried"

"...She had never had an ejaculatory orgasm before. When she finally came, she was so excited, she told me that she almost cried."

David Heffron
Financial Analyst
Age 51
Providence, RI.


"...easier to please her now"

"...I was making four of the five mistakes! It is so much easier to please her now."

Edward Ceptcik
Graphic Artist
Age 29
Atlanta, GA