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Proficiency Based Learning

What is Proficiency Based Learning?

Spaulding High School, along with every other public high school in Vermont, is transitioning to a Proficiency-Based Learning and Scoring system. This change was brought about by Act 77 and the Vermont State Board of Education Quality Standards. The goal of Proficiency-Based Learning is to raise the bar for all students, improve clarity, and create equity. By improving clarity and making learning goals more explicit, more students will have a chance to be successful and acquire the necessary skills needed in work, college, and adult life.

Why Proficiency Based Learning? Why Now?

To understand more about Proficiency Based Learning and why Vermont schools are going down this road, read what the Vermont Agency of Education has to say about Proficiency Based Learning, and why it has mandated that all schools in Vermont transition to this system of learning.

Two additional resources for information about Proficiency Based Learning (PBL) are the New England Secondary Schools Association and the Great Schools Partnership. You can learn a lot about PBL instruction, grading, and graduation by visiting this Q & A site, here: New England Secondary Schools Association; As well as this PBL Primer from the Great Schools Partnership.