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Community Service

Spaulding Educational Alternatives' Community Service requirement challenges students to expand their definition of “community” to involve a larger portion of their world than just their school or their family. Additionally, it helps students realize that their contribution can make a difference, while also fostering a habit of service. Through Community Service, students also have the opportunity to pursue their interests, meet potential mentors, and develop skills and contacts that will help them well into the future. Students will be informed of both school and community related opportunities as the year progresses. Adam Munroe is the Community Service Coordinator for the SEA and sets up community service opportunities and tracks student progress towards graduation requirements.

Students who have completed any service need to complete the Community Service Form and then share your form with the following email address 

If you have questions about any activity, please reach out to Margo Austin prior to starting that activity at

Community Service Overview

As of the 2022-23 school year, our students are required to complete a minimum of number of hours of community service, as follows:

  • Current 12th Grade (class of 2023) -  30 hours  
  • Current 11th Grade (class of 2024) -  40 hours 
  • Current 10th Grade (class of 2025) -  40 hours
  • Current 9th Grade (class of 2026) -    40 hours

We encourage students to work towards their Community Service requirements during the summer or over vacations and holidays. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. The entire requirement could be completed in a condensed period of time or over multiple dates.  For instance, students going on a service trip or volunteering for an organized event, like a cancer walk, might fulfill most of their annual hours during the same trip or event.

To learn more see the Community Service Handbook.

Margo Austin

Margo Austin

Flexible Pathways Coordinator